Do you suffer from chronic pain? Do you need more flexibility? Do you have scar tissue from surgery or an old injury? Do you just need to relax?

If you answered YES, it’s time to find out what quality massage is all about. BOOK YOUR SERVICE & start feeling better now!

NOW OFFERING: Microcurrent Point Stimulation for Stress & Pain and for Scar Release Therapy. Visit Services & Pricing for more information.

We know how to get rid of your lower back pain with psoas release and targeted massage of the quadratus luborum and spinal erectors. We can also address neck pain by targeting the scalenes, levator scap, and SCM, shoulder pain by targeting supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis, as well as hip and knee pain. And more!

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Let pain go.

Someone Smart, Long Ago

3600 Hulen Street, Suite B-1 | Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Text or Call 682-200-9817

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