Summer 6 pack abs…

It’s mid May. You look in the mirror and think Ew! You basically have 6-8 weeks to get ready. What do you do?

Most people hit Google or Pinterest to find the latest fad-crash-diet. These are the very same people that say diets don’t work for them. Let me explain something, EVERY diet works. If you stay with it long enough. Let me say that again, EVERY DIET WORKS, if you stay with it long enough. However, not every diet is good for the health of your body.

As a Fitness Expert, I get asked this all the time.

What should I eat?

What diet should I do?

My simple answer is to find one that you can stick with. There are a few keys to keep in mind when choosing a diet.

1. Is the diet easy to follow?

2. Do I really want to be healthy?

It’s that simple. My recommendation to all my clients, is to sign up with Weight Watchers. The reason being, is that they take the thinking out of it. They make it simple to follow and track your progress. This is why it is always the top rated diet program. I guarantee you, if you stick with it for a year, you will lose weight.

From there, if you want to jump on the Palio, Ketogenic diet band wagon, be my guest. Keep it simple and you will see results.

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