Is that my IT Band?

Illiotibial band
It band

I love working with people. Sometimes, you never know what they are going to say. I have a client, that if I’m working anywhere near his leg, they will ask the question, “Is that my IT Band?” It makes me laugh every time. Most of the time it’s not the IT Band. That is why it’s funny to me.

The IT Band is a staple phrase in our profession right now. Most of the time people don’t even know what it is, or better yet, what it is for. They just know it hurts.

First and for most, your illiotibial band is not a muscle. Click the link to read more. If you feel your IT Band, it is a symptom that something else is wrong. It could be from a number of things like riding a bike in the wrong position, poor running mechanics or just weak muscles.

To address this issue from a massage stand point, we just palpate(push with your fingers) around the front of the hip and around to the glutes. You will tend to find most of these muscles are causing your tight IT Band problem. Just simply adding pressure to those muscles until they release will correct most of your problem.

There are some situations where it is more complicated but if the above recommendation does not work, seek professional help.

*I will be posting the pictures later for the IT Band stretches that I do personally. I’m just too busy to get to it right now. Sorry!

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