Corona reality for massage therapists.

The picture above is currently my new office space for performing massage. As therapists, we have an obligation to help people. In times like these, it’s becoming harder to do this.

How do you do what is right, when you can possibly lose everything you have ever worked for. How do you tell people, it’s in their best interest to wait this out, when you are about to go broke and desperately need the money.

For me, the answer is simple. I don’t need a government agency to tell me what is with in my knowlegde and education. We as therapist’s have knowledge of contraindications (When not to work with a patient).

The problem with Covid-19 is that you or your patient’s may be contagious before symptoms show. It is selfish to continue our work in times like this because the likelyhood of contraction is so high. Imagine what you will lose if or when you get it.

Find another way. There are still ways we can educated our clients, whether it is text, phone or video chat. We can still help without touching people. Show or tell them stretches to do and exercises. Be creative! Reach out to other therapist’s you know for help.

2 thoughts on “Corona reality for massage therapists.”

  1. Hi Nick,

    I love your new office and your assistant! What have you two been up to? I bet she’s keeping you busy…or is it visa versa 🙂

    I need a shoulder and a butt rub! Actually, my shoulder is doing well…hips not so much. S-t-r-e-t-c-h! I’m hoping I still see the WC doctor tomorrow for my evaluation.

    I’m not sure how long we’ll be out, and I’m sure things are tight for everyone, but I’d be willing to pay for next 3-month membership early. I wonder if others would? Can you offer some gift certificates for an hour massage to your members to share with a friend at the discounted rate?

    Time to take the pool cover off…



    1. I’m not built to be a teacher but we are working on it daily. Text me or email me how it goes with the WC. Currently I think we are good but may change my mind next week. I may do like a prepay deal or something but i want to make sure I’ll still be able to at the same location or if I have to move temporarily. I’ll keep you updated.

      We jumped in our this afternoon. I’m calling it recess!

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