Hadl Clinical Bodywork Massage Training

We value knowledge at Hadl Clinical Bodywork and share that knowledge to not only help our therapists get better but also so they can better serve you. This is just a little note to let you know the few things that our therapists learned over this weekend.

Sinus Drainage Therapy (book today)

This is one of my favorite techniques to do for people. In less than 5 minutes of starting the treatment, we can open up your sinus passages and help you breathe through your nose once a again. The total treatment only takes 30 minutes to open the flood gates. You will walk out feeling the effects immediately. The treatment 100% painless. Lymph drainage is the lightest form of massage there is. So relax and drain away.

SI joint Treatment (Lower Back Pain)

The classic sign of SI joint dysfunction is when you go to stand up but can’t quite get there without a sharp pain in your lower back. Our therapists learned over the weekend how to reposition your SI joint safely and comfortably. Stop living in pain.

Always remember, you can book online at www.hadlcenter.com. If you have any questions about anything is these emails, Email us at NH@hadlcenter.com

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