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We value knowledge at Hadl Clinical Bodywork and share that knowledge to not only help our therapists get better but also so they can better serve you. This is just a little note to let you know the few things that our therapists learned over this weekend.

Sinus Drainage Therapy (book today)

This is one of my favorite techniques to do for people. In less than 5 minutes of starting the treatment, we can open up your sinus passages and help you breathe through your nose once a again. The total treatment only takes 30 minutes to open the flood gates. You will walk out feeling the effects immediately. The treatment 100% painless. Lymph drainage is the lightest form of massage there is. So relax and drain away.

SI joint Treatment (Lower Back Pain)

The classic sign of SI joint dysfunction is when you go to stand up but can’t quite get there without a sharp pain in your lower back. Our therapists learned over the weekend how to reposition your SI joint safely and comfortably. Stop living in pain.

Always remember, you can book online at www.hadlcenter.com. If you have any questions about anything is these emails, Email us at NH@hadlcenter.com


Leg tightness causing your lower back pain

By now, most of you may be familiar with the Psoas (one of your Primary Hip Flexors). The picture above, on the left hand side shows you where you typically will feel the pain that is generated from a tight Psoas. The middle picture and the one on the right shows you where we have to push on it to release it. As you can tell, it is not the most pleasant muscle to have work done on.

The cool thing is, you can avoid having us work on it just by stretching it for 2 minutes on either side once a day. Here are a number of ways you can do this either on your own or just schedule online to have one of our therapists do it for you. Book today

This one can be done at home on the edge of your bed. It is pretty self explanatory. Just on the edge and let your leg drop while you hold the other leg. Hold it for 2 minutes and then switch legs.

This is an alternative way to stretch it if your back is in pain and you can’t get on the ground or lay on your bed. Sit with your supporting leg on a chair with the leg you are stretching behind you. 2 minutes then switch.

There are a couple more ways to stretch this one muscle but I am just going to leave you with these 2 stretches. They are probably the easiest ones to perform. If you have any questions email us call or text us at 682-200-9817 or visit us at www.hadlcenter.com to schedule online.


Depression and massage benifits

There are many opinions on how to treat depression. The two techniques that I utilize the most are exercise and massage.


Today we are just talking about massage. The studies show that a 60 minute massage once a week and lower your overall cortisol (stress hormone) by 30 percent. This allows the body to increase production of serotonin ( Anti-Pain Mechanism) by almost the same percentage.

What does this mean for depression?

It means there will be an overall spike in well being after a massage. The other benifit of course is that there is no medication nessisary and no strange side effects.

Stop suffering



Hydration and Rotator Cuff

Drink more water!!!!

I like to write about what I see in the clinic on weekly basis. That way it feels more relevant to what is going on out there. The two main things that I have seen over the last 3 weeks or so is an increase in hydration related injuries (cramps, muscle spasms, general lethargy, weakness and whole body muscular tightness). This is being brought out because of the increased humidity that North Texans are not used to. To learn more about us visit www.hadlcenter.com or visit our Online Schedule and come on in https://hadlclincalbodywork.clinicsense.com/book/

The above image gives you basic understanding of how much water you should be getting. Using myself as the example: I weigh 220lbs. Slash that in half and you have 110lbs. Now the equation is 110 / 8 = 13.75 cups per day. However, since I am active outside, that requirement is actually higher than that. For the purpose of this post, just try and get the basic amount of water. Your body will start to feel so much better just by getting more water.

On to the shoulder!

If your above the age 35ish, you have undoubted heard of the rotator cuff. It is one of the worst muscular injuries to heal. There is no more frustrating rehab then doing rotator cuff rehab. Mainly because it takes so long and we are impatient. The two stretches that I will put here, will help ensure flexibility of the Rotator Cuff and greatly reduce the likelyhood of injury.

The first and most important stretch is the Sleeper Stretch (internal rotation of the shoulder).

The position for this stretch is to have your arm extended out 90 degrees from the body and elbow bent 90 degrees as well. In this position, “GENTLY” push your hand to the bed or floor. Only push to the point of slight tension. Hold for 30 second to a minute and do this daily for the rest of your life. If your hand touches the bed, Your rotator cuff is in great shape. If not, keep working at it and it will.

External Rotation of the shoulder.

I use a broom stick at home to help me with this one. You can do this on your bed at home. Same protocal as the sleeper stretch but you just need to keep your elbow tucked into your side. Just hold this for 30-60 seconds everyday.

Please remember we are always here to help.

To learn more about us visit www.hadlcenter.com or

Visit our Online Schedule and come on in https://hadlclincalbodywork.clinicsense.com/book/


Back health: Easy to do at home routine.

You can probably relate to the image above to some degree. If I had to choose the most common issue that we work on at Hadl Clinical Bodywork, it would Myoskeletal spinal issues. The fundamental problem is when you get a massage it loosens up these tight muscles but that does not address the strength issue that keeps your body going back to that position. A weak muscle tires quickly and thus shortens and stays tight. Here is a quick, at home workout to address some of these issues.

  1. Bird Dog

I love this particular exercise. Most people like to add movement to this but I prefer Isometric holds. I recommend holding this position for 30 seconds on one side and then switch to the other for 30 seconds. 1 x day for 2 weeks, then add another 15 to 30 seconds to build up to a minute. Ideally after 2-3 month you are up to 3 sets of 60 seconds holds on each side.

2. Spinal Rotation

This exercise addresses those areas between your shoulder blades. Again, I like to get it in the rotation position depicted in the bottom picture and hold this for 20 to 30 seconds. You can do rotation bringing the elbow up and down 20x and then switch sides.

3. Spinal Stretch

This is the best stretch. You can do like the picture or have your arms fully extended. The goal is to sink into the shoulder blades and stretch your thoracic spine. Hold the position for 60-120 seconds. repeat 2x daily.

I hope this help you out. Let us know what you think NH@hadlcenter.com. We’ll see you soon.

If you’d like to book an appointment you can always visit our online schedule at www.hadlcenter.com


Foot Foundation issues and 1 year celebration!

We don’t think much our feet unless they are hurting. Feet play a tremendous role in how your body functions. If the foot is off slightly, the rest of the body will be as well.

The most common problem arises when we wear shoes. You must realize that shoes have a shelf life when it comes to supporting your body. Just simply adding new inserts into old shoes will not correct the problem. The integrity of a shoe that is worn a couple days a week, will only last you about 6 months. After that, you may notice pain in your foot, ankle, knee, hip, or lower back. You may only feel it in one of these spots at first but it will progressively get worse over time unless you dump the shoes. It is a pretty simple fix.

These symptoms will also hold true for a shoes that do not compliment the direction that your foot naturally wants to go. The above image is the most common example. The image indicates Flat Feet. Adding arch supports and help correct and keep everything properly aligned. However if you buy a shoe that causes excessive pronation and you have flat feet, it will affect the chain all the way up the body.

There are simple exercises to help with flat feet. I prefer to use an AIREX balance pad to help speed up the process of strengthening the arch. Below you will see an image depicting the exercise.

This is an easy exercise that will pay dividends. You must be barefoot and stand on one leg. The goal here is to balance for 60 seconds on one foot without losing your balance. Then alternate to the other foot. Repeat this exercise 2 more time on both sides. Do this exercise daily and after about 10 days, you will notice how much better your entire body feels.

We are also celebrating our 1st year at our new location on Hulen! Thank you to everyone for a great first year. In celebration of this and the 4th of July, we are doing a $10 off the 90 minute massage. When scheduling (www.hadlcenter.com) type in (4th) in the promo code area during check out. Thanks again and we will see you soon!


Your Bodysuit feel stuck?

Myofascial restrictions in the body can give you a sense that your skin is pulling every thing out. You have to delve into the connective tissue of the body to understand why this is so.

If you don’t have a thorough upstanding of Anatomy and Physiology, the easiest way to think about it is that your skin is attaching to everything inside the body (muscles, bones, nerves, vessels, etc…)

The power of connective tissue can contribute to poor posture, increase reoccurance of injury and pull your whole structure out of place. I like to joke that I’m stuck in my bodysuit!

Myofascial stretching is the fastest way to over come most myofascial restrictions. We like to use cupping as a way to really open up and stretch that connective tissue of yours. If you have nagging pain that just won’t go away, come test it out for yourself.


Getting on your nerves! #nervegliding

Some of the tension that we can develope over time may not be a flexibility issue at all. You can develope “neural tension” in the muscle which will give you the perception that you need to stretch.

Traditional stretching may accidently touch this tension but there is a series of stretching that will specifically target these nerves and allow the muscles to stretch further with little effort.

Here are some links to facilitate this flexibility with the most common nerve issues:

Ulnar Nerve glide: affects upper back of the neck, back of the shoulder, bottom of elbow(funny bone), pinky and ring finger.

Radial Nerve glide: front side of neck, chest, front of shoulder, index finger and thumb.

Sciatic Nerve glide: lower back, hip, hamstring, calf, foot.

Hopefully this will help you in some way. If you need assistance in learning how to do these properly, our therapists are always here to help. Book a session today.

Please remember we can only grow with your help.

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Stop and Stretch.

Stretching is the most under used activity for the recreational athlete.

Let’s face it, stretching is boring. I don’t have the time is the most common phrase we hear. I get it.

Let me tell you what it does for you though. Keeps the joints loose, ie: reducing the effect of arthritis which will eventually side line you. Every athlete will develope arthritis the longer you stick with something. Those that remain flexible will be less burdened by this. East to follow program.

Stretching will also reduce your risk for muscle pulls or strains. It’s a no Brainer, spending 20 minutes a day stretching, keeps you fit enough that an injury is less likely to occur and thus you don’t have to take weeks to months off from working out.

Our stretching service is for those people that don’t have the motivation to do it themselves. It’s easy to do it on your own but so is working out. Some people need a trainer to be accountable, so we are here for you if you need help. You can simple schedule a stretch session online at www.hadlcenter.com



2 hands are good, 4 hand are mind blowing!

We are announcing a New Signature Service.

Morgan and Kathy are pleased to bring you the 4 hands Massage treatment. This treatment is the ultimate in relaxation. If you have never experienced something like this, we highly encourage you to try it. You will leave feeling more relaxed than you have ever been before.

This service will only be offered on Thursday’s between 2-7 and you must call or text to schedule it. The price for this service is ($120.00) for an hour session. The online schedule will not have this service listed. 682-200-9817

New Therapist

We are pleased to announce that we have added Kathy Lewis to our team. She has been a therapist for a couple years now and has back ground (20 years) as a Occupational Therapy Assistant. She is someone who understands injuries and the rehab process very well. Please help us welcome her to the team. Her schedule is now live online. Schedule today.

Tip of the week!

SI Joint Dysfunction is something many of us deal with on a weekly basis.

What is it? At it’s basic form, it is just your hips inability to stay in place. Most people will feel a pain or stiffness on one side of the lower back. You may have trouble going from a sitting to standing position. Think of the dimples on your back. Those are your SI Joints. The simple fix……are your ready for it?

STOP crossing your legs when you sit. This small activity of crossing your legs, will keep pulling your hips out of alignment. It is really that simple. Over time your body will adapt.

*If you do this subconsciously and can’t stop crossing your legs, odds are your hips are already out of alignment and need to be realigned. For more info come see us. www.hadlcenter.com