Covid Posture exercises

Covid has taken a toll on all of us. Whether you have been exposed to it or not, it has changed most of our lives. It has made many of us sit for longer periods of time starring at a computer screen. The image above is the proper form for doing that.

Do you look like this during your zoom meetings?

I didn’t think so. Most of us find the most comfortable position which over time can cause major issues in your neck, lower back and shoulders and hands.

Our spines are not designed to stay in these postitions for very long. In the picture above you can see that her right side of her lower back is stretching while the left shortens creating tesions that will find its way up to the neck.

Since we are being forced to sit for long periods, here are a few daily exercises to train your body to sit better.

1. Superman Exercise

This an easy one you can do anywhere. Simply raise you legs and upper body off the ground and hold for 45 seconds. Rest for 1 minute and repeat 2 more times. This will help those back muscles support you while you sit.

2. Basic Bridge Ups

Dig those heals in and lift your pelvis. You can go up and for 30 reps or simply hold the postition for 45 seconds. Again rest for 1 minute and repeat 2 more times.

3. Alternating Supermans

This is my favorite one. Raise you left arm and right leg at the same time and hold for a 2 count, then switch to the right arm and left leg. Go back and forth 20 times. Rest for 1 minute and repeat 2 more times.

If you just choose to do one of these daily, your body will thank you!

If you have pain you can’t work out, schedule an appointment. 30 minutes with us can change your life. Schedule online or call 628-200-9817.

“Living with pain is a choice!”


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What is TeleMassage or Vassage and how does it work?

Covid-19 is not allowing most of us to go out and get our weekly massages. Whether it is for your sport, injury, or just general relaxation. We at HCB have set up live massage events through zoom to teach you and your partner how to work on each other. (Pricing below)

What does this look like? The first step is to contact us at hadl98@yahoo.com or text the word (MASSAGE) to 817-308-9958. We will then send you instructions on what you will need to do.

Then you will log on to Zoom and be 1 on 1 with a live Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. 1. Your Therapist will ask a few questions to find out where your problem spots are and how they need to be worked out. 2. Your Therapist will then demonstrate how and where to push on your partner. 3. You may follow along with the therapist or wait until they are done. As you are performing the techniques on your parnter, your therapist instructor will be watching and correcting your every movement as you go and listening for feedback from your partner just like a normal massage.

The process of learning and giving a massage: We have broken down the process to make it fun and easy to follow. Sign up today and stop waiting to get your massage.

Pricing: $50 per 30 minute treatments.

Each treatment will last only 30 minutes unless more time is needed.

Hadl Clincal Bodywork: 800 5th Avenue suite 150, Fort Worth, TX. 76104 817-308-9958


Corona reality for massage therapists.

The picture above is currently my new office space for performing massage. As therapists, we have an obligation to help people. In times like these, it’s becoming harder to do this.

How do you do what is right, when you can possibly lose everything you have ever worked for. How do you tell people, it’s in their best interest to wait this out, when you are about to go broke and desperately need the money.

For me, the answer is simple. I don’t need a government agency to tell me what is with in my knowlegde and education. We as therapist’s have knowledge of contraindications (When not to work with a patient).

The problem with Covid-19 is that you or your patient’s may be contagious before symptoms show. It is selfish to continue our work in times like this because the likelyhood of contraction is so high. Imagine what you will lose if or when you get it.

Find another way. There are still ways we can educated our clients, whether it is text, phone or video chat. We can still help without touching people. Show or tell them stretches to do and exercises. Be creative! Reach out to other therapist’s you know for help.


Scheduling your video massage session! Text 817-308-9958

Moving forward just text me (Nick Hadl) at 817-308-9958 and I will workout a time that works best for you and your spouse or partner.

Currently, I am just using the Zoom Conferencing app but I am looking into facebook and other video services. Please download the app before hand on either a tablet or computer with video capability.


Vassage Therapy? Day 1.

Board Certified Massage Therapy in your home.

Day 1 in the bag for Virtual Massages.

If you have ever had to walk someone through step by step how to do what you do, it’s kind of hard. I guess we take it for granted how easy it is for us to do our jobs.

It was fun today to see the responses of not only when the partner felt what I was describing but also watching the patients reaction to the treatment when their partner found the spots (knots). I would have to say that it was a success. All from the comfort of my living room. Thank you Covid🙄. I’m here all week…………. or two weeks hopefully 🙏. Stay safe everyone and keep washing those hands.


Vassage! Video Massage Therapy services. #Covid-19

Many of you know by now that most massage therapy businesses have been shut down due to the Covid-19 out break. Some of you may consider this an essential service, some of you may not. Those that do consider this an essential service now have a viable option for that weekly massage session.

Starting this week, I will be offering Live Video massage instruction for anyone who may need it. I have always had this thought that anyone can do massage. Now I get to prove it.

If you are in need of therapy or just home and need a break, we can help you. It really is easy.

You just need the free app ZOOM conferencing and A partner to work on you and lotion. We will guide them step by step on what and how to do what we do. Text Nick Hadl at 817-308-9958 for more info and pricing or to schedule.