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What is TeleMassage or Vassage and how does it work?

Covid-19 is not allowing most of us to go out and get our weekly massages. Whether it is for your sport, injury, or just general relaxation. We at HCB have set up live massage events through zoom to teach you and your partner how to work on each other. (Pricing below)

What does this look like? The first step is to contact us at or text the word (MASSAGE) to 817-308-9958. We will then send you instructions on what you will need to do.

Then you will log on to Zoom and be 1 on 1 with a live Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. 1. Your Therapist will ask a few questions to find out where your problem spots are and how they need to be worked out. 2. Your Therapist will then demonstrate how and where to push on your partner. 3. You may follow along with the therapist or wait until they are done. As you are performing the techniques on your parnter, your therapist instructor will be watching and correcting your every movement as you go and listening for feedback from your partner just like a normal massage.

The process of learning and giving a massage: We have broken down the process to make it fun and easy to follow. Sign up today and stop waiting to get your massage.

Pricing: $50 per 30 minute treatments.

Each treatment will last only 30 minutes unless more time is needed.

Hadl Clincal Bodywork: 800 5th Avenue suite 150, Fort Worth, TX. 76104 817-308-9958


SI Joint exercises

The Sacral Illiac Joint seems to be a very complicated joint for people to treat. I have been guilty of using so many different techniques to treat it, only to find that most were only temporary fixes.

What does that mean? It means you implement all these different exercises to strengthen it. Again, we make it too cumbersome and complicated.

I have dealt with SI issuses, on and off for my adult life along with many of my clients. In my quest to fix myself and others, I finally found an easy fix that only takes 6 minutes a day. Guess what? I’m giving it to you for free.

Here it is: 3- 60 second isometric bridge ups. That’s it. Take 60 second rest in between. Keep your toes up and heels pushing into the ground. Do this daily, if it didn’t work by the end of the week, you may need your hip realigned.