Botox for Injury (muscle strain)

We are excited to announce a revolutionary treatment that I am very excited to bring to you. Our in house Sports Orthopedic expert Melanie Cobb PA. Di Valore Wellness, who for the last 10 years, has treated sports injuries with Dr. Bush, is now helping us treat sports injuries with Botox. I know it sound crazy.

It’s amazing treatment. When you strain a muscle, that muscle tightens up and stops working to protect the muscle from further damage. Some of us athletes, myself included, push though strains. The problem is that the strained muscle can not keep up with the activity and thus you risk tearing the muscle and creating a bigger problem.

How does Botox fit into this???

When the strain happens and you want to continue the training or sport, the Botox will completely shut down that muscle, reducing your risk of tearing that muscle and allowing the muscle to heal. This will allow you continue your activities.

This our commitment to provide newer and better options for sports injuries.

As always you can go to www.hadlcenter.com to get your sports recovery massage.


Your Bodysuit feel stuck?

Myofascial restrictions in the body can give you a sense that your skin is pulling every thing out. You have to delve into the connective tissue of the body to understand why this is so.

If you don’t have a thorough upstanding of Anatomy and Physiology, the easiest way to think about it is that your skin is attaching to everything inside the body (muscles, bones, nerves, vessels, etc…)

The power of connective tissue can contribute to poor posture, increase reoccurance of injury and pull your whole structure out of place. I like to joke that I’m stuck in my bodysuit!

Myofascial stretching is the fastest way to over come most myofascial restrictions. We like to use cupping as a way to really open up and stretch that connective tissue of yours. If you have nagging pain that just won’t go away, come test it out for yourself.


Question of the Day: What is Bodywork?

Someone, that I do not know on Facebook, asked the question: what is bodywork? Hmm.. I have the general assumption that everyone I work with knows everything in my head. I guess I never thought to explain, “What is Bodywork?”

Many of my client’s have different names for what I do for them. Some are just flat out funny, “The Body Whisperer.” You know who you are. It is, at it’s core, Massage and Bodywork as specified through The National Board for Therapeutic Massage and BODYWORK is (see below).

Bodywork: Any of a number of therapeutic or simply relaxing practices that involve the manipulation, massage, or regimented movement of body parts. Examples include massage, craniosacral therapy, and Pilates. Bodywork may be used as an adjunct to medical treatment, or it may be prescribed as a form of physical therapy for certain conditions.

Basically, It’s massage + other stuff!

The Fundamental difference between a Massage Envy and or Spa Therapist and someone who does bodywork is that a Bodywork Professional has both a long term and short term objective for your body’s overall health.

You may come to us with an injury or headache or nagging back pain. We will assess you and in the short term try to make the initial problem better. You may need a few sessions for this or you may only need one. From there, we try to look deeper at other potential causes of your minor issues and correct those. Then, we try to get you on a maintenance program of stretching, exercise, and periodic massages to help identify potentially new problems that may arise. This type of massage is much more then the occasional, “I need a massage today.”

Hope this answers your question, if you had this question! If not, thank you for taking the time to read my little rant. See you soon!

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What is TeleMassage or Vassage and how does it work?

Covid-19 is not allowing most of us to go out and get our weekly massages. Whether it is for your sport, injury, or just general relaxation. We at HCB have set up live massage events through zoom to teach you and your partner how to work on each other. (Pricing below)

What does this look like? The first step is to contact us at hadl98@yahoo.com or text the word (MASSAGE) to 817-308-9958. We will then send you instructions on what you will need to do.

Then you will log on to Zoom and be 1 on 1 with a live Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. 1. Your Therapist will ask a few questions to find out where your problem spots are and how they need to be worked out. 2. Your Therapist will then demonstrate how and where to push on your partner. 3. You may follow along with the therapist or wait until they are done. As you are performing the techniques on your parnter, your therapist instructor will be watching and correcting your every movement as you go and listening for feedback from your partner just like a normal massage.

The process of learning and giving a massage: We have broken down the process to make it fun and easy to follow. Sign up today and stop waiting to get your massage.

Pricing: $50 per 30 minute treatments.

Each treatment will last only 30 minutes unless more time is needed.

Hadl Clincal Bodywork: 800 5th Avenue suite 150, Fort Worth, TX. 76104 817-308-9958


Corona reality for massage therapists.

The picture above is currently my new office space for performing massage. As therapists, we have an obligation to help people. In times like these, it’s becoming harder to do this.

How do you do what is right, when you can possibly lose everything you have ever worked for. How do you tell people, it’s in their best interest to wait this out, when you are about to go broke and desperately need the money.

For me, the answer is simple. I don’t need a government agency to tell me what is with in my knowlegde and education. We as therapist’s have knowledge of contraindications (When not to work with a patient).

The problem with Covid-19 is that you or your patient’s may be contagious before symptoms show. It is selfish to continue our work in times like this because the likelyhood of contraction is so high. Imagine what you will lose if or when you get it.

Find another way. There are still ways we can educated our clients, whether it is text, phone or video chat. We can still help without touching people. Show or tell them stretches to do and exercises. Be creative! Reach out to other therapist’s you know for help.


Vassage! Video Massage Therapy services. #Covid-19

Many of you know by now that most massage therapy businesses have been shut down due to the Covid-19 out break. Some of you may consider this an essential service, some of you may not. Those that do consider this an essential service now have a viable option for that weekly massage session.

Starting this week, I will be offering Live Video massage instruction for anyone who may need it. I have always had this thought that anyone can do massage. Now I get to prove it.

If you are in need of therapy or just home and need a break, we can help you. It really is easy.

You just need the free app ZOOM conferencing and A partner to work on you and lotion. We will guide them step by step on what and how to do what we do. Text Nick Hadl at 817-308-9958 for more info and pricing or to schedule.